Matthew Quinn

My journey with clay began in North St. Paul, late in my high school career. Having already decided I would become an engineer like my brother, I enrolled in a ceramics class just to fill my course load. On the first day I became hooked. I was later told by a life long potter that I would be unable to find a cure, I would always find a way to involve clay in my life. He was right.

In 2003 I left the bustle of the Twin Cities for the peaceful pines of Saint John’s University. There I studied under Sister Denis Frandrup as well as Samuel Johnson. This time was instrumental in not only developing my skills as a potter, but shaping my ideas of the craft itself and how I could be a part of the rich tradition.

Upon graduating from Saint John’s I was fortunate enough to find work as a production potter where I was able to further hone my skills. In addition to production work I maintain a studio in Northeast Minneapolis where I am able to let my creativity run wild. I consider everyday a challenge to create new and exciting work to share with the community.