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Marion Angelica

I am biology/art major, arts administrator, academic and returned ceramic artist.  Although trained to throw on the wheel I now exclusively hand-build all of my work.  I feel that hand-building, and in particular using soft slabs and coils, gives me a great deal of flexibility in creating form, using texture and reflecting the luscious nature of wet clay in my fired work. My work is made of Grolleg porcelain fired to 2300 degrees F.  While known to be temperamental, porcelain has lovely qualities.  It accepts even the most subtle textures and allows glaze colors to be rich and brilliant. With tender handling and careful drying, it can be cajoled into a wide variety of forms.  I have fallen in love with this media, with both my hands and my heart.


I create functional ceramic art that has a strong sculptural sense.  I have chosen to do this for several reasons. 


• I would like my work to reside in homes or offices rather than museums.

• I want my creations to retain sculptural elements, yet I want to add the challenge of designing them to be used for living, rather than simply for viewing.

• I would like people to live intimately with my creations and make them part of their lives’ celebrations, rituals and pleasures.



I am currently a resident studio artist and teacher at The Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, MN.  I returned to the studio in 2006 after over twenty-five years of working in arts administration, education and nonprofit consulting and I am incredibly happy in what was my first and is now in my final career.