Daisy Williams

After years of nurturing creativity in my three daughters, I realized that

much of the push to expose them to the arts was drawn from my own need

to create. With that in mind, instead of signing a child up for an art class, I

signed up myself. I began with a fused glass class and followed with a

ceramics class where my addiction to clay was almost immediate.


I have studied with more than a dozen established artists over the last ten

plus years. These artists have nurtured a creative launching pad and

technical base on which my love of this medium has grown. My work

reflects the diverse nature of so many wonderful influences combined with my own aesthetic.


My work is wheel thrown, hand built and a combination of the two. My pottery is high temperature stoneware and porcelain. Making functional work marries my need to create with a desire to be practical. I enjoy cooking and love to spend time in my gardens. So it follows that I am prone to creating vessels that can hold flowers, plants or food. It gives me pleasure to serve friends and family from dishes that I have made. When I am not working on my pots you can be sure that I am thinking about them. I believe this is a sign that clay will always be a part of my life.