Ingrid Sundstrom

Transforming clay into functional and beautiful pieces became a new career for me more than 20 years ago. I had spent most of my adult life as journalist, but after retiring from that fascinating career, I challenged my “logical, analytical, and objective left brain” to give my right brain’s intuitive, thoughtful, and subjective way of thinking a try.  What a wonderful challenge: Clay now has engaged both sides of my brain and my heart. I give thanks to many years of patience, encouragement, creative teaching and mentoring of master potters, colleagues, and teachers, primarily at the sadly now-defunct  Edina Art Center pottery program. It didn’t take long to fall  in love with clay and its myriad possibilities. I especially love working with white clay—primarily porcelain—because of the rainbow spectrum and contrast its surface offers. I use a high-fire porcelain to bring color and durability to functional pottery in the form of mugs, plates, bowls, platters, trays, pitchers . . . and more. I now work both at a small studio in my Eden Prairie home and at Adama Sow's studio in Hopkins, MN, Ceramic Sow.