Ingrid Sundstrom

Transforming clay into functional and beautiful pieces became a new career over 15 years ago.  after challenging my “logical, analytical, and objective left brain” for several decades as a journalist, it was time to give my right brain’s intuitive, thoughtful, and subjective way of thinking a try.  What a wonderful challenge: Clay now has engaged both sides of my brain and my heart. Thanks to the patience, encouragement, creative teaching and mentoring of master potters, colleagues, and teachers at Edina Art Center, I have fallen in love with clay and its myriad possibilities. I especially love working with white clay—primarily porcelain—because of the rainbow spectrum and contrast its surface offers. I use a high-fire porcelain to bring color and durability to functional pottery in the form of mugs, plates, bowls, platters, lamps, mirrors . . . and more. I work both at a small home studio in my basement in Eden Prairie and at Edina Art Center, taking advantage of an amazingly creative clay community and the art center’s options for several types of kiln firing, including gas reduction, electric oxidation, soda firing, and occasionally raku, obvara, horsehair, and saggar.