Genevieve Loso

Since being introduced to pottery in high school more than 20 years ago, I have been captivated by the limitless possibilities of clay. I continued my interest through classes at the University of Minnesota, and am involved in classes at the Edina Arts Center.  Pottery has become my creative outlet; following a piece from start to finish and controlling each element gives me a sense of accomplishment that is like no other.  Pottery has also been a way to stay connected to my father-in-law’s pottery legacy.  I married into the Loso family and feel proud to have worked under my father in-law, Jim Loso, a renowned Minnesota potter, in his St. Joseph, MN studio.  Under Jim’s tutelage, I learned to refine knobs and handles and was introduced to different surface design and glazing techniques.  I enjoy contrasting colors and textures within a piece. Recently, I have been experimenting with juxtaposing clean and tight forms with ash glazes. The spontaneity of the runny glazes results in textures that cannot be duplicated. I enjoy making everyday items aesthetically pleasing without compromising functionality. My works have a finished quality to them; they are light, trimmed, and gas-fired to cone 10.  When I am not sitting behind a wheel or selling my wares at an art show in the metro area, I am spending time with my husband and twin daughters.  I enjoy exploring parks in Minneapolis, visiting local breweries and restaurants, and cooking. 

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