Donna Getsinger

My work has evolved over many years. Painting and drawing have been part of my life since grade school. I did not discover clay until college. My degree was in art education and I have taken additional graduate level studio arts courses and many workshops. I continued to teach and learn. The current work in clay allows me to combine my experiences in sculpture, printmaking, and painting. I have chosen to use slabs of porcelain clay to make my pieces. The fine texture of the porcelain lends itself to carving and textures; the white surface is a wonderful canvas for colors. The handbuliding technique lends itself to both decorative and functional forms. I have chosen simple shapes because they provide an excellent “canvas” for decoration. I use underglazes and glazes to achieve the colors and surfaces I want. It may take several firings to achieve the final result. The final firing is to about 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit in an electric kiln. For many years I sold my work at local and national shows and galleries. I still enjoy doing a few local shows. I love to spend hours working on a single piece, carving and playing with color combinations. My images are derived from nature. It has taken many years to develop these skills and this color pallet. I am still learning and enjoy sharing my knowledge. I live in Minnetonka with my husband and two Dobes. I work in my native flower beds, train and try to compete in agility and obedience with the dogs.