Lenore Jonas

I began my journey into the art world at an early age. I grew up in Toledo, Ohio, which fortunately had a renowned art museum, I spent many Sunday afternoons with my family exploring its many treasures found there. I always enjoyed painting and drawing. Now a resident of St. Louis Park, I decided to devote more time to art when I retired in 1994, and I decided on pottery, having found the Edina Art Center while on a walk around Lake Cornelia in Edina.  I enjoy the whole process of creating with clay-- whether by wheel-throwing or hand-building, to deciding on the glaze and type of firing. Using simple forms I create shallow bowl-like plates, pitchers, vases, and bowls, using a variety of clays. I sometimes add texture, carving or brush strokes to enhance the piece. I am currently working on larger bowls by placing torn pieces of slab clay over a wooden bowl mold. The outcome has an organic quality with the slabs revealing creative shapes on the inside as well as the outside edges. I fire my pieces using a variety of techniques: soda (my favorite), which is an atmospheric firing, gas, electric or raku. I do my work at the Edina Art Center where I am privileged to work with excellent instructors, knowledgeable fellow potters and a helpful office staff. I found out it is "fun" and am still doing it after 20 years. My hope is that my pieces will be pleasing to the eye as well as useful.