Berne Thury

After being a frustrated painter for many years, I found clay and for more than 20 years that has been my medium. I hand-form or hand-throw my pieces, often using both processes to achieve my goals. I have followed the rule that my work should be functional (oven, dishwasher,

and microwave safe) as well as artistic, and aesthetically pleasing to the touch and the eye. After studying in Mexico, I became intrigued with local and low-fire clays, and I want to broaden my work, using low firing pit and smoke techniques on sculptural pieces that satisfy only the touch and the eye. Time will tell. I believe each piece I produce carries a small part of me and for me this is the

source of an energy that is both reinforcing and self-renewing. I divide my time between Bloomington and Mexico, finding creative stimulation in both environments.